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China Stainless Steel Market Review for Week 9 of 2024 (Feb 26 - Mar 03): Futures Prices Surge as Inventories Rise Again

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Last week, stainless steel futures prices probe up and down, the market turnover at the beginning of the week is better, and then with the futures price surge high blocked mood turned cold.


Spot Market

At the beginning of last week, spot prices rose sharply to drive transactions on the social inventory to have a certain role in promoting. But futures prices rising power is not enough on the end of the week spot prices have a certain drag. The current performance of the downstream demand side of the general, the goods from steel mills are arriving, the market spot specifications have been supplemented, the flow of resources gradually abundant.


Futures Market

Futures prices are not as good as spot prices,the warehouse receipt resource price advantage is not big, warehouse receipt accumulation, the overall is still at a high level.


Future Outlook

The current resumption of work is still in progress, the pace of business replenishment is relatively stable. Weekly price rises to promote the transaction is the community inventory significantly de-escalation, inventory pressure slowed down. After the market continue to pay attention to the price of raw materials and downstream demand performance. Expected stainless steel swing run.


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