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Top 10 Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Companies In 2023

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In 2023, the decorative stainless steel sheet industry witnesses the rise of 10 outstanding companies, renowned for their unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative designs, and mastery in transforming stainless steel into decorative masterpieces. These companies have revolutionized the realm of interior and exterior design with their exquisite stainless steel sheets. In this article, we will spotlight the top 10 decorative stainless steel sheet companies, emphasizing their expertise, significant projects, and distinctive services. This list aims to assist architects, designers, and construction professionals in identifying the industry's best. Collaborating with these companies guarantees top-tier quality and state-of-the-art stainless steel solutions for your projects.

List of Top 10 Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Companies in 2023




X-Metal Material Co., Ltd

Location: China


Key Products: Decorative Stainless Steel Products

Company Info: X-Metal Material Co., Ltd., is renowned for its decade-long expertise in delivering exceptional stainless steel decorative sheets. They offer a range of finishes, including the captivating water ripple effect, unique concave-convex patterns, and intricate etched textures. Their commitment to quality is evident through their stringent quality control steps, and they pride themselves on their innovative sheet designs. With a global reach spanning 28 countries, FSX Metal ensures exceptional customer service.


Rigidized Metals Corporation

Location: United States


Key Products: Deep-Textured Metal, Micro Texturing, Engineered Metal Surfaces

Company Info: Since 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has been at the forefront of producing engineered metal surfaces and panels. They specialize in deep-textured and micro-texturing processes that enhance the strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal of metal surfaces. These textured metals are not only visually appealing but also offer benefits such as increased strength, impact resistance, and the ability to conceal scratches. Their products are widely used in architectural, industrial, and transportation applications. Rigidized® Metals has a rich palette of textures, making them a preferred choice for various projects worldwide.

Royal Decor Steel

Location: Canada


Key Products: Decorative Stainless Steel

Company Info: Royal Decor Steel is a leading provider of decorative stainless steel in North America. They pride themselves on their honesty in relations with customers and partners, offering an extensive range of products with consistently high quality. Their stainless steel products are known for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and innovative finishes. They have introduced new solutions like Eco-Friendly, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti Fingerprint Coatings. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a preferred choice for various architectural and design projects.

Hidayath Group

Location: UAE


Key Products: Architectural Finishes, Tubes & Pipes, Handrail Fittings, Glass Fittings, Bathroom Equipment

Company Info: Hidayath Group, established in 1976, has grown to become a leading provider of stainless steel and allied metal products and solutions. They have made significant strides in the industry, from being a modest establishment trading in hardware products to becoming a global leader in stainless steel solutions. Their offerings span across architectural finishes, tubes, pipes, handrail fittings, and more. With a presence in multiple countries, Hidayath Group emphasizes innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Their journey showcases their commitment to excellence, with milestones like setting up the first stainless steel tube mill in the UAE and introducing advanced manufacturing techniques.

Stanch Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

Location: China-Taiwan


Key Products: Diversified Stainless Steel Finishes in Coils & Sheets Products

Company Info: Established in 1980, Stanch has been dedicated to developing various stainless steel finishes for many decades. With a production capacity reaching over 10,000mt/month, Stanch is one of the biggest stainless steel service centers in Taiwan. They offer a diverse range of products, from linen and super mirror finishes to bead blast and etched finishes. Their commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous inspection processes, ensuring that every step of production, from raw materials to finished products, meets the highest standards. With their products being marketed in over 110 countries, Stanch has established itself as a global leader in the stainless steel industry.

Mako Metal

Location: Japan


Key Products: 3D Stainless, 2D Stainless, Titanium, Metal Louvers, Metal Panels

Company Info: Mako Metal offers a unique library of beautiful metal materials, supporting the creative activities of architects, designers, and creators. They provide facade and space proposals, material images, and space material suggestions, such as art panels. Their offerings are designed to assist in architectural design, providing information, ideas, and exceptional products from a professional perspective. Mako Metal has been recognized for its innovative designs and has been adopted in various architectural projects.

Rimex Metals Ltd

Location: UK


Key Products: Specialist Metal Finishes Product

Company Info: Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd has been producing surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals since 1959. They offer an extensive selection of textured patterns produced by a unique cold rolling process to create 3-dimensional patterns on various metals. Their products cater to architectural, decorative, elevator, machinery, and general OEM applications. Rimex's finishes include the likes of Rigidized, Textured, Embossed, and the VORTEX™ polish. They also offer the ColourTex® range of colored stainless steel and the T22 range of PVD coated colored stainless steel finishes. Sustainability is a core focus for Rimex Metals, with their products being made from European stainless steel containing over 80% recycled content.

Steel Color S.p.A.

Location: Italy


Key Products: Colored INCO, Colored TSteel, Patterned, Chemical Etched

Company Info: Steel Color is the only Italian company specialized in embossed, colored, mirror finished, and textured Stainless Steel. Based in Pescarolo ed Uniti, they have been at the forefront of providing innovative stainless steel solutions. Their products range from the INCO coloration process to the TSteel coloration technology, which uses a PVD derivative process. They also offer patterned and chemically etched finishes. Steel Color emphasizes its commitment to producing 100% Italian products, showcasing their dedication to quality and innovation.

DSP Co., Ltd.

Location: South Korea


Key Products: High Technology Metal Surface

Company Info: Since 1988, DSP has been a pioneer in delivering metal color coating solutions that meet global demands. They have established themselves as the Global Top in metal color coating technology. DSP offers a diverse range of products, from color stainless sheets to pattern laminated solutions. Their commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their extensive product range and their dedication to bringing beauty to the world through colored metal. They have been involved in various architectural projects, showcasing their expertise and commitment to excellence.

Schmidt Edelstahl GmbH

Location: Germany


Key Products: Pattern-rolled & Embossed Stainless Steel Surfaces

Company Info: Schmidt Edelstahl GmbH has been offering its expertise in the sector of patterned and embossed stainless steel surfaces for over 30 years. They pride themselves on their extensive experience and dedication to providing high-quality stainless steel solutions. Their range of products includes patterned sheets, embossed sheets, slip-resistant sheets, and Nordic Copper. Schmidt Edelstahl has been recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality, making them a trusted choice for various architectural and design projects.

How to Choose the Best Decorative Stainless Steel Manufacturers for Your Project


Selecting the right decorative stainless steel manufacturer is crucial for the success of your project. Here are some key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Transparency: High-quality suppliers will be transparent, offering detailed quotations that accurately reflect the project's final cost. They should be open to clients comparing their quotes with competitors' prices. Additionally, they should be willing to showcase their facilities and production processes, ensuring that they maintain high standards.

Knowledge and Experience: Opt for a supplier with a wealth of experience. Experienced suppliers not only understand the production process but also recognize the demands and standards of international markets. They can offer advice on how best to utilize decorative stainless steel and ensure your product meets or exceeds industry standards.

Customization Options: A competent supplier should be able to offer customization options, be it color, size, or other attributes. They should also be able to provide prototypes or samples to ensure you're satisfied with the final product.

Communication: Effective communication is vital for a successful collaboration. Choose a supplier who is responsive and communicates effectively. They should be able to answer all your questions and provide timely updates.

Quality Control and Warranty: Ensure your supplier has stringent quality control procedures and offers warranties for their products. This ensures the products you receive are of high quality, and should any issues arise, the supplier will be responsible for repairs or replacements.

In Conclusion


The decorative stainless steel manufacturing sector is experiencing rapid growth as the demand for aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant materials rises. However, the industry faces challenges due to the global availability of cost-effective steel, impacting the profitability of decorative steel products. Within this sector, five significant forces influence the landscape: buyer bargaining power, threats from substitutes, supplier bargaining power, rivalry intensity, and manufacturer competitiveness.


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