Brushed Finish

A brushed finish, also known as a satin finish, is a type of surface treatment applied to stainless steel to create a textured appearance. It is achieved by mechanically brushing the stainless steel surface with fine abrasive materials in a consistent linear pattern.

There are different variations of brushed finishes, including: No. 4 Finish/ Hairline Finish/ Cross Hairline Finish/ Satin Finish

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  • No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet

    The No.4 (often referred to as #4 or Satin) Stainless Steel Sheet is a widely-used finish, known for its distinctive brushed appearance. This finish, while sometimes equated with Satin, has its unique characteristics in our context. Designed for areas with high foot traffic or frequent usage, its uniform linear texture offers both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. With its controlled reflectivity, it can range from a subtle satin sheen to a more pronounced reflective surface, catering to diverse design requirements.

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  • Hairline Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    The Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet is renowned for its unique wire-like texture, giving it a silky, linear appearance. This finish, often used in architectural and design applications, offers both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, setting it apart from other stainless steel finishes.

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  • Black Satin Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    This term is sometimes used interchangeably with a brushed finish. A satin finish has a low luster and a soft, diffused reflection. It provides a surface with fine parallel lines but is generally less reflective than the No. 4 finish.

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  • Cross Hairline Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    This finish combines two sets of hairline finishes at a 90-degree angle, creating a crosshatch pattern. It offers a distinctive aesthetic and is often used for decorative purposes.

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  • Copper Hairline Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    It features long, narrow, and fine lines running in the same direction. The lines are typically smoother and more delicate compared to the No. 4 finish, resulting in a subtle, elegant look.

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Brushed finish stainless steel sheets are commonly used in architectural, interior design, and industrial applications. They are favored for their aesthetic appeal, durability, and resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for various environments and applications where both appearance and performance are important.

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The Benefits of Brushed Stainless Steel Sheets

Brushed stainless steel sheets offer numerous advantages for your projects, including a wide range of color and texture options, enhanced durability, resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and chemicals, low maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Workability

    The meticulous brushing process creates a multitude of parallel lines on the stainless steel surface, resulting in fine grains that enhance the adhesion of subsequent treatments. This improved adhesiveness opens up possibilities for further processing effectiveness, such as PVD coating or painting.

  • Reflectivity Control

    The level of reflectivity in a brushed finish can be controlled to suit specific design requirements, ranging from a subtle satin sheen to a more pronounced reflective surface.

  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

    Surface finishing eliminates the roughness of unfinished stainless steel sheets, making it easier to remove rust and dirt. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for cleaning. The surface of brushed sheets requires less frequent cleaning and doesn't necessitate the use of strong cleaning agents or chemicals that can potentially damage the surface.

  • Flame resistance

    Stainless steel exhibits excellent resistance to heat and fire due to the presence of alloying elements like chromium, which enhance its oxidation resistance. This allows brushed sheets to maintain their shape and form even under high temperatures. With this characteristic, it is e particularly suitable for environments such as commercial kitchens and food processing factories.

  • Scratch Resistance

    The brushed finish stainless steel sheet features a multitude of uniform linear patterns on its surface, providing excellent scratch-hiding properties. This makes it an ideal choice for areas with high foot traffic or frequent use where scratches are a concern.

  • Eco-friendliness

    Choosing stainless steel sheets promotes sustainability as they are fully recyclable. Scrap stainless steel can be collected and reused once it has served its original purpose.


Q: Do you have a control sample finish production service?

A: Yes, we do. We promise a minimum 90% match to the sample’s finish standard, including pattern and colour.

Q: What's the Mill of Origin for your decorative stainless steel sheets?

A: TISCO, ZPSS, JISCO, Lisco, Baoxin, Hongwang, Yongjin, Aoxing, etc

Q: Can I get some samples?

A: We can provide stock decorative stainless steel sheet samples for you to check the quality. Stock sample is free and you just pay the freight. Also customized finish is avaiable and chargeable.

Q: Can you provide customized grades, dimensions?

A: Yes, we offer customization services for our stainless steel products based on your specific requirements, from thickness, width to grade. Just let us know your application.

Q: Which countries have you already exported?

A: We've exported to more than 31 countries, such as Canada, Russia, UAE, Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam etc.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Trial orders can be delivered within a week. For regular orders, it takes 7-30 days roughly.

Q: How can you ensure the quality of your product?

A: All products are subject to three checks throughout the manufacturing process, including mill material processing, decorative finish productioning and packaging.

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