Vibration Finish

It is a popular surface treatment that creates a distinctive, uniform pattern on the surface of the stainless steel. The vibration finish is achieved by mechanically brushing the stainless steel surface with abrasive materials, typically using a specialized machine or equipment. The brushing action creates a consistent pattern of fine lines or grains that run in multiple directions, giving it a non-directional or random appearance. This finish is often preferred for its aesthetic appeal, as it can add a unique texture and visual interest to stainless steel surfaces.

By adjusting the base material from 2B, BA or one that has been mirror polished, the sheen of the finish can be adjusted as per the project requirements.

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The vibration (non-directional hairline) finish on stainless steel sheets provides a versatile and attractive option for various applications, combining durability, corrosion resistance, and an appealing aesthetic. It is commonly used in architectural applications, interior design elements, kitchen appliances, and decorative accents.

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The Benefits of Vibration Finish Stainless Steel Sheets

The vibration finish offers a more subdued, textured look that can help to minimize the appearance of scratches and fingerprints. Overall, the vibration (non-directional hairline) finish on stainless steel sheets provides a versatile and attractive option for various applications, combining durability, corrosion resistance, and an appealing aesthetic.

  • Non-Directional Pattern

    The non-directional grain pattern of the vibration finish creates a random and uniform appearance, allowing for flexibility in installation and reducing the need for specific alignment.

  • Minimizes Appearance of Imperfections

    The textured surface of the vibration finish helps to hide scratches, fingerprints, and other minor imperfections, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas or surfaces prone to wear and tear.

  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

    The smooth yet textured surface of the vibration finish makes it relatively easy to clean, requiring minimal effort to keep the sheets looking their best.

  • Resistant to Stains and Fingerprints

    Stainless steel with a vibration finish has a natural resistance to stains and fingerprints, making it suitable for applications where cleanliness and aesthetics are important.

  • Longevity

    Stainless steel sheets with a vibration finish have a long lifespan, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Eco-friendliness

    Choosing stainless steel sheets promotes sustainability as they are fully recyclable. Scrap stainless steel can be collected and reused once it has served its original purpose.


Q: Do you have a control sample finish production service?

A: Yes, we do. We promise a minimum 90% match to the sample’s finish standard, including pattern and colour.

Q: What's the Mill of Origin for your decorative stainless steel sheets?

A: TISCO, ZPSS, JISCO, Lisco, Baoxin, Hongwang, Yongjin, Aoxing, etc

Q: Can I get some samples?

A: We can provide stock decorative stainless steel sheet samples for you to check the quality. Stock sample is free and you just pay the freight. Also customized finish is avaiable and chargeable.

Q: Can you provide customized grades, dimensions?

A: Yes, we offer customization services for our stainless steel products based on your specific requirements, from thickness, width to grade. Just let us know your application.

Q: Which countries have you already exported?

A: We've exported to more than 31 countries, such as Canada, Russia, UAE, Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam etc.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Trial orders can be delivered within a week. For regular orders, it takes 7-30 days roughly.

Q: How can you ensure the quality of your product?

A: All products are subject to three checks throughout the manufacturing process, including mill material processing, decorative finish productioning and packaging.

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