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China Stainless Steel Market Brief, January 24, 2024: Despite Slow Sales, Prices Still Rising

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Market Overview:

The price of 304 stainless steel remains strong. Despite average overall transactions, market prices continue to rise.


Raw Material Prices:

Key materials like ferronickel and ferrochrome maintain stable prices, while electrolytic nickel experiences a slight increase.


Economic Expectations:

Recent economic meetings and positive news have driven up both the financial and spot markets.


Year-End Impact:

As the Chinese New Year approaches, some merchants have opted for an early holiday, leading the market into a gradual vacation mode.


Futures Market:

Stainless steel futures continue to climb, spurred by year-end production cut announcements from steel mills.


Focus Points:

International clients should pay attention to steel mill production and order statuses, as well as the potential market demand recovery post-Chinese New Year.


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