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Weekly Review - China Stainless Steel Market (Jan 15-21, 2024): Prices Generally Rise, Focus on Steel Plant Maintenance

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Price Trends:

This week, prices for various types of stainless steel generally increased. Despite market fluctuations, significant price reductions before the Chinese New Year are unlikely.


Supply and Demand Dynamics:

As the Chinese New Year holiday approaches, downstream demand has weakened slightly. However, due to controlled shipments from steel plants and the influence of the futures market, spot prices have maintained an upward trend.

Industry Focus:

This week, the market has been primarily concerned with steel plants’ maintenance plans during the Chinese New Year and their potential impact on future supply.

Market Outlook:

Inventory traders have remained cautious amidst current price volatility and the upcoming holiday, operating with low stock levels and closely monitoring market developments.


Business Insights:

Given recent market changes and the approaching holiday season, it's advisable to pay attention to short-term price fluctuations and supply adjustments. During the Chinese New Year, supply might be affected, and timely purchasing could help mitigate potential risks.


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